Roane County, West Virginia


The Roane County Sheriff's Department is very happy to announce that we are now able to offer Project Lifesaver to the residents of Roane County. As of last week, the Department has two trained certified officers, and the equipment to start the project.

For everyone that may not be familiar with Project Lifesaver, we will attempt to provide information on our Facebook page through links, pamphlets, and basic question and answer.

Project Lifesaver is a nation wide system, used to locate people (young and old) who have a tendency to wander from home, become disoriented and lost. The Department will offer the Project Lifesaver service to persons in the county who have cognitive disabilities, some of the most common being (but not limited to) Alzheimer's, dementia, Autism, and Down Syndrome.

Project Lifesaver is a tracking system that uses a small transmitter that is worn by the person with the disability. The transmitter is worn as a bracelet or anklet, with a hospital type band used to keep it secure. Through the use of equipment provided to the caregiver, the transmitter battery is monitored EVERYDAY to insure it's effectiveness. This battery will be changed by the Department every month to insure that the equipment is functioning properly. If the person with disability wanders off, the caregiver is instructed to call 911 and provided particular information. Our officers will be contacted immediately and respond. Our equipment gives us the ability to conduct our search as we are responding in our vehicles. If a signal is located while in a vehicle, the ground search will follow from that point. If no signal is detected while in route to the scene, the ground search will be started at the last known location of the person. In addition to this, we have access to Project Lifesaver air search, who will be put on standby when the call is received. If our officers do not locate the lost person within 30 minutes of the search being started, the air search can be activated and assist in the search.

The Department is very excited to be able to offer this service and we are anxious to get it underway. It is our intention to make this service available to anyone who qualifies in the county. The Department will charge a $10.00 per month fee for the service, which is the cost to us to provide a new battery monthly. Anyone who is in need of the service and feels you can not pay the monthly fee, please contact us. We will be looking at grant funding and accepting donations from people and businesses in the community. This will assist us in providing this service to anyone in need of it (whether they have the ability to pay or not), and to assist the Department in purchasing more transmitters, which are $300.00 each.

Anyone who is in need of this service, please contact us.

Anyone that would like to make a donation, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on here or call the office.