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County Employee Handbook



This handbook is provided as a summary and guide of the most common and most important rules, regulations, procedures and policies that may affect your employment with Roane County.  This handbook should not be construed as a contract, express or implied, nor does this handbook affect the At-Will status of any county employee.  Questions about particular policies listed herein should be directed toward your department head, supervisor or Elected Official. This handbook is subject to change with or without notice. Please refer to the county policy manual for detailed descriptions of items contained in this condensed version.

If you have suggestions to improve this handbook, please contact your supervisor or any Commissioner.



Table of Contents:


Hiring Policy                                 2

Drug Free Workplace                   3

Wages, Payroll & Work Hours      3

Time off, Leave & Holidays           4

Insurance & Retirement                6

Parking                                        7

Travel Expenses                          7

Employee Conduct                       8

County Vehicles                           9

Separation of Employment           9

Conclusion                                   10

Acknowledgement                        11





Created: August 26, 2014

Hiring Policies

Roane County Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer and seeks the best qualified applicants and workers in all categories of employment. Employment with Roane County is open to all qualified applicants.


Harassment in any form including sexual harassment is prohibited.  All Employees are required to avoid any action or conduct which could be viewed by anyone as sexual or other type of harassment. Harassment complaints are to be brought to the attention of a responsible Roane County official.


Department heads are responsible for furnishing and accepting job applications for their office. County Commission must approve employment selections.


Transfers between departments are permitted and may result in a lower or higher salary depending on the grade of the new position.


Employment of relatives (nepotism) is prohibited when either relative supervises or is involved in making decisions in direct benefit of the other.


Personnel records are kept in the County Clerk’s office and contain information regarding employment, benefits, and other employment records that are required to be kept.


New employees serve a six-month probationary period in which an employee can be terminated by the selecting authority without specific reason or recourse.


Job Descriptions are provided for each position and are in the Personnel/Policy Manual. Each employee be given a copy of their job description when hired and anytime a change is made to the job description.  Job descriptions contain the position title, pay grade, unit, job summary, examples of work, qualifications and work environment.


Drug Free Workplace

The Roane County Commission strives to provide a Drug-Free Workplace for all employees, and provide a safe, healthful, productive and secure workplace for its employees and visitors.  The Commission prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession, abuse or use of any illegal or controlled substance or alcohol unless medically prescribed for the individual employee.

Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and reporting to the proper authorities.


Wages, Payment of Wages and Work Hours

Department heads fix the compensation of their assistants, deputies and employees in accordance with the pay scales adopted by the Roane County Commission. Current salary scales which are based on pay grades of each position are available from your supervisor. Contingent on county finances and projected revenues, employees usually receive an increase (raise) to their wages in July of each year after one full year of employment. 


Pay periods for all employees are semi-monthly (twice monthly) and employees’ wages are directly deposited into an account of their choice on or before the 15th and last day of each month. Direct Deposit of wages is strongly encouraged.  Employees who are not able to obtain a bank account can opt-out of direct deposit by submitting a written request.


Employees are required to complete a monthly time sheet, approved by the department head, and present it with leave forms attached to the county clerk’s office each month.


Employees who work beyond their scheduled hours are eligible for compensatory time in lieu of additional pay and/or overtime. Compensatory Time Agreements must be signed prior to the time the overtime work is performed.


Department heads may prohibit an employee from working beyond their scheduled hours/days in order to limit overtime or compensatory time accumulation.


The official hours of the Roane County Courthouse are set by the Roane County Commission. Work hours are set by each Elected Official and may fall outside of the hours the courthouse is open.  Court Security will provide access cards and keys to any employee who requires entry to the courthouse outside of customary courthouse hours/days.


Time Off, Leave and Holidays

Full time employees are eligible for time off, leave and holidays.  Part-time or temporary workers are only paid for actual time worked and not eligible for paid time off.


Vacation accrual is based on the County fiscal year, beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30. Vacations are accrued per quarter based on length of service and begin on the first day of employment. New employees accrue 2.5 days per quarter worked (three full months) which equals 10 days per full year.  Vacations may be scheduled throughout the fiscal year at the discretion and approval of the elected official. Please provide as much notice as possible, at least two weeks, when requesting more than two days vacation or other leave time. Vacation time earned should be used within the fiscal year; however carry over of five (5) days is permissible.


Sick leave is provided for short-term absences from work due to illness, immediate family illness, medical or dental appointments, pregnancy or injury not related to work only.  Sick leave cannot be used for leisure or to extend holidays, vacations or weekends. Sick leave accumulates each month at 1.5 days per month if the employee has worked 50% of the workdays during that month. Sick leave can be carried over from year to year and accumulation is unlimited. Please give notice when possible if using sick time.


Personal Holidays are pro-rated during the year.  Employees receive a personal holiday at the beginning of January, May and September and may use them at the employees discretion with department head approval.  Personal Holidays cannot be carried over to the next year and are forfeited if not used.


Bereavement Leave is provided in the event of a death of a employee’s immediate family from the day of death through the date of funeral with a maximum of three working days.


Maternity Leave falls under the Family Medical Leave Act and entitles a new parent to up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave.  This leave will run concurrently with paid leave including sick leave, vacation and personal holidays if the employee has accrued it. 


Family Medical Leave (FMLA) covers full time employees who have worked for the Roane County Commission for twelve months or more.  FMLA provides restoration to his or her original job or equivalent with equal pay, benefits and other conditions of employment if the employee requires leave covered under the Act.  They include: the birth or placement of a child for adoption or foster care, to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition, or the employee’s inability to work because of their own serious health condition.

An employee must indicate the need for FMLA in writing with applicable medical certification and in advance (if need is foreseeable) and is required to use all accrued paid time off as part of the twelve-week FMLA leave.  Any remainder FMLA leave after paid leave is exhausted will be unpaid.  Periodic reports during FMLA leave are required.


Roane County Commission Donated Leave Policy allows current employees to donate or receive donated leave for a medical emergency or catastrophic illness that requires at least a five day absence after the employee has exhausted all available paid leave and the absence would result in a substantial loss of income for the employee.  Details are available in the Personnel Manual.


Other leaves that are available are Military Leave, Jury Duty and unpaid leaves of absence.  Employees must exhaust any accrued paid leave prior to requesting unpaid leave if available.


Absences due to high water, snow covered roads or other natural disasters are unpaid and employees must use vacation or personal holiday for the day(s) they are absent from work unless the Commission issues a “State of Emergency” and closes the courthouse.


Roane County recognizes several holidays throughout the year and employees are generally given the day off with pay. Department heads are given a copy of the holiday schedule in January each year.


Insurance and Retirement Plans

Full time employees are eligible to purchase insurance coverage for themselves and their families.  Medical, dental & vision, accident, cancer and other programs are available.  Part-time and temporary employees are not eligible for insurance benefits.


All employees who average 30 hours or more weekly are required to participate in the State Retirement Plan and contribute 4.5% of their pay (6% if hired after 7/1/15).  The county also contributes between 12% and 15% determined each year by the Public Employees Retirement Board. Employees are vested after 5 years of employment.  


All employees are covered by Workers Compensation insurance at no cost to the employee.  In the event of a work related injury or illness, the insurance will pay the medical bills related to the injury and a percentage of the employee’s average wages while they recuperate. Work related injuries must be reported immediately to your supervisor and to the County Clerk’s office within 24 hours to file a claim.



The Roane County Commission assigns parking lot assignments with priority given to elected officials, law enforcement and employees with the most seniority. Due to space limitations, not all employees have a parking space.  Employees who do not have a parking space must park elsewhere. No parking is permitted in the designated Handicapped-accessible parking spaces in or around the courthouse lot. Free parking is available by Southern States; employees may obtain a parking permit for the parking plaza; or select meter parking. Employees who park adjacent to the courthouse (short-term, un-metered) are subject to fine, tire boots and/or towing at the employees expense. Once an employee has been assigned a parking space, they will maintain the same space as long as they continue to be employed by a county office.


Travel Expense

Employees and authorized persons may be granted permission to travel on official business at the county’s expense.  Mileage, lodging and meals are reimbursable based on the following: If an employee uses a personal vehicle, they will be reimbursed per mile at the State Mileage Rate. Mid-shift meals during travel and meals purchased in Roane County are the employee’s responsibility and will not be reimbursed.  Employees must turn in itemized receipts for reimbursable meals and while traveling and reimbursement will not exceed $25 for each 24-hour period.  All travel expenses must be approved by the elected official prior to reimbursement.


Employee Conduct

Employees are required to exercise courtesy, professionalism and cooperation in all direct communications with the public.


Employees are prohibited from disclosing confidential information acquired in the course of official duties or use such information to further personal interests of themselves or others.


Employees are permitted to use the phone, fax, computer or other communication devices for work related business. Employees are to refrain from using the phone, computer, fax or other communication systems for personal use unless it is an emergency. Personal device use should be limited to an employees break time. The Commission and/or Court Security personnel monitors and records all access to and use of the phone, computer, internet system, controlled access doors, entrances, exits, public areas of the building and grounds.


Employees are provided with equipment and supplies to complete their jobs. Personal use of any county supplies or equipment is prohibited.


Employees will serve all visitors equally. Political opinions or affiliations will not affect the quality of service rendered, or the employment conditions of any person.  Employees are prohibited from active campaign activity while on duty.


Issues, problems or other grievances should be brought to the attention of the department head or elected official. If the grievance still exists after a reasonable amount of time, employees are required to submit the issue in writing to the elected official requesting action be taken to correct the problem. If the problem is not corrected, the employee should file a written statement with steps taken to the county commission.  If the situation is not resolved at this point, the employee may request a formal hearing before the county commission. After completion of these steps, if the employee is not satisfied, he/she has the right to pursue the matter further under the provisions of any state or federal statue.


County Vehicles

County vehicles are owned and insured by the Roane County Commission and can be driven by authorized persons over 18 years of age only.  Passengers must be in an official capacity and at the knowledge of the Commission. Other passengers are not permitted unless during an emergency.  Seat belt use is required by all passengers.


Accidents involving county vehicles or personal vehicles during assigned work duties must be reported as soon as possible by completing the Accident Notification Form and submitting it to the Commission office within two business days of the accident.  Employees are required to furnish a copy of the police report within 7 days of the accident.




Separation of Employment

Each employee of Roane County are considered At-Will and can resign or be released from employment at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. 


Employees who choose to resign are asked to give a thirty-day notice if possible. Employees who give at least a two-week notice will be reimbursed for any accrued, unused vacation and compensatory time on their final paycheck.  Final paychecks are released on the next regular payday.


Employees who are released from employment via involuntary termination (unsatisfactory work performance, unable to perform assigned duties, re-organization, reduction in workforce, etc…) will be reimbursed for any accrued, unused vacation and compensatory time on their final paycheck. Final paychecks are released on the next regular payday, or within 4 business days of involuntary termination, whichever comes first.


Employees will not be reimbursed for accumulated sick leave, personal holidays or any form of severance pay regardless of the type of separation.



The purpose of this handbook is to establish common and important guidelines regarding approved policy for all county employees. Everyone who receives a copy of this handbook must acknowledge receipt by completing and signing the last page, obtaining the department head’s signature, removing or copying it and turning it in to the county clerk’s office to be placed in the employee’s personnel file.


Neither this handbook nor the Personnel Manual/Policy alters the “at will” nature of the employment relationship between the county and its employees. 


The Roane County Wage and Benefits Review Board with the approval of the County Commission reserve the right to amend this handbook from time to time as required.




Acknowledgement of receipt of Employee Handbook

Created on August 26, 2014




I, _________________________________, hereby acknowledge receipt of the Roane County Employee Handbook.  I further acknowledge that I have been encouraged to read the handbook, and discuss with my department head any questions I may have regarding any policy referenced herein.



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Employee Signature                          Date signed




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Department Head/Elected Official                Date signed




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County Clerk or Representative                    Date filed





To be filed in personnel file in County Clerk’s office