Roane County, West Virginia

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Roane County Health Department/EMS Roof

200 East Main Street

Spencer, WV  25276 

 Sealed bids for the following roof replacement will be received by the Roane County Commission 200 Main Street  Spencer, WV 25276 until 11:00 am October 9, 2020 when the Commission will open and review all bids received.

The Health Department/EMS Building located at 200 East Main Street has two roof systems; two 42’x42’ sloped areas are shingled and the remaining 7,000 sq. ft (approx.) is EPDM rubber. 

 Please bid on the following:

Remove existing roof material and repair any damaged roof decking with similar thickness material.  Install any insulation required by code and new roofing materials* with manufacturer recommended flashing, seam tape, adhesives, vents, penetration boots, pitch pockets, corners, and fasteners with proper spacing. 

*Shingled roof: Owens Corning “Duration” Architectural shingles or equivalent; titanium underlayment or similar, ice/water shield, flashing, drip edge, ridge ventilation and any other necessary accessories. Shingle roof materials to be warranted for 30 years.

*Rubber roof:  1 layer Johns Manville .060 mil EPDM (Rubber) or equivalent; RMS Tape, flashing tape, adhesives, pitch pockets, vents, drains, corners, and any other necessary accessories. Rubber roof materials to be warranted for 20 years.

Bid to include procurement of building permits, clean up, debris removal including landscaping areas and parking areas and proper disposal of debris including any landfill fees. Indicate price of additional roof decking IF in addition to contract price. Workmanship to be warranted for 5 years (leak free).

Bidders must be properly licensed, insured (including workers compensation) and show proof of same. 

The Roane County Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Contract will be subject to Buy American Provisions and the International Building Code.