Roane County, West Virginia

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 Request for Bids

Roane County Commission


The Roane County Commission seeks to identify and retain qualified Service Providers to determine the fair market value of existing courthouse facilities and prospective facilities in Roane County. This RFP is the means for prospective Service Providers to submit their qualifications, provide a description of various types of appraisal reports that could be written to address various needs and provide their pricing. The County Commission facilities to be evaluated include the courthouse, annexes, administrative and support offices, parking lots and/or structures, and other buildings located throughout Spencer, West Virginia. 

Please submit Proposals to the Roane County Commission at 200 Main Street Spencer, WV  25276 by July 12, 2019 before 11:00 am local time.


 Firms shall include all of the following information in their written Proposal.

1.              STAFF: Name the staff member(s) that you actually propose to provide the Services, their ability and experience in conducting the proposed activities.

2.              REFERENCES: Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of two (2) references/clients for whom the Service Provider has provided similar services at some point in the last 12 months.

3.              METHODOLOGY/SCHEDULE: Provide a description of the methodology you propose to use in performing the appraisal services requested in this RFP, along with a approximate schedule to complete such appraisal services. Service Provider is requested to at least provide the expected methodology they would intend to use for an appraisal of a 25,000 square ft. government building, 50 years of age, in Spencer. If there are various other types of appraisals that you as a Service Provider feel will be provided to fulfill the Commissions needs as described in this RFP, and the methodology and duration will vary from the above, provide each separately.

 4.              FEES: The proposal should include the Service Provider’s proposed fee schedule indicating cost of an individual appraisal, including but not limited to: full written report; limited scope; and other variations as proposed by Service Provider for the various different types of appraisals to be provided.  It is expected that all Service Providers responding to this RFP will offer the Service Provider’s government or comparable favorable rates. Service Provider’s quoted rates will become a part of the contract.     

a.     Please be aware that in the event the Commission obtains an appraisal of an existing facility or a prospective site and provides the same to Service Provider for their review and use, the Service Provider will be requested to reduce their proposed fee schedule for appraisal of such properties.  Therefore, the fee proposal should include the Service Provider’s reduced fee schedule for occasions where such an appraisal report is available.

b.     The proposal should also include the fee to update an appraisal provided by the Service Provider, where the original appraisal report was submitted to the AOC within 24 months of the update request.